Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jimmy Fallon Has It All

Have you been around me lately? If so, you've probably heard "I looooove Jimmy Fallon" come out of my mouth. Since he started on The Tonight Show, I haven't missed a single episode.

As opposed to many other shows, Jimmy's is uplifting. He doesn't go out on the street to embarrass random people. He doesn't parade around someplace making himself a nuisance. He doesn't get laughs at the expense of children. It seems like he generally tries to stay away from anything dirty. I don't know about you, but that's a huge plus for me!

Okay, can we talk about his talent for a second? Jimmy is not only a gifted singer, dancer, and comedian (and harmonicanist?), he's incredibly upbeat (and not in an annoying "seriously just stop" kind of way).

Plus, he's smart, humble, and gracious. Seriously, he's the whole package. I hope you notice the way he puts all of his guests at ease. He laughs constantly, he plays off of his co-host, and he plays little spontaneous games with his band. The show is fast paced, and he rolls with the unexpected punches of his guests. And! He's pretty much up for anything, whether getting soaked in a game of Water War, suiting up in Velcro for Sticky Balls, or donning a wig, dress, and braces and talking like a teenage girl.

Oh, one more thing: he can keep a pretty straight face, which is fantastic, but he also breaks character all the time, which makes him so loveable. He's so comfortable on the stage, you can't help but feel happy watching his show! On top of it all, Jimmy finds a way to constantly keep the show fresh. I don't think a week has gone by since the show started that one of his YouTube videos wasn't trending on Facebook.

The show is hilarious, and it doesn't get old. I just love that Jimmy Fallon.

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