Saturday, December 14, 2013

"You could be a model!"

Sometimes I hear people say "you could be a model" as though that's the highest compliment or the ultimate aspiration. I know these people mean to compliment and obviously mean no offense, but rather than envying models, truthfully, I feel sorry for them.

I feel sorry for anyone who constantly worries about their physical appearance, not just because they want to look and feel good (like everyone does), but because their livelihood and value relies on how they look. How unhealthy that would be for your psyche! No thank you!

I also feel sorry for those who are confident and carefree now, only because of their appearance, because that will fade eventually, and what then? What kind of emptiness will they feel? I heard recently that the majority of women would rather be pretty than smart. Sad. I feel sorry for those who want to attain a model body over an educated mind, and I feel sorry for anyone who thinks that models are more admirable than scientists, teachers, writers, or moms.

Our world needs models, but it blows my mind to see young women clamber for the chance to become a model and subject themselves to criticism of their outward appearance! I would never allow that. I just don't get it.

Here's a Ted Talk by model Cameron Russell delving into the topic. Enjoy hearing about her experience with the modeling industry from her own mouth.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

David Archuleta with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir | The Cat and the Mouse

I watched this performance the other day and almost cried. This tune is gorgeous (I've never heard it before) and David performed it perfectly. I don't know how he didn't cry himself! Just as you think it's going to end, it becomes soft and sweet and then powerful and strong and finishes with you feeling uplifted and satisfied. Just magnificent.