Monday, April 15, 2013

The Bad gets on the news and the Good is quiet.

Today was a horrific day for Boston and another reminder of the fragility and vulnerability of human life. All afternoon at work, I listened to live news as it began to sink in what happened. It was sickening. Who in the world would cause something so truly terrible? It's the question we always ask ourselves, isn't it? It's simply unbelievable and quite discouraging to see events like this occurring with more and more frequency.

But then as I see footage of people running toward where the blast occurred and tearing down fences in order to help wounded strangers, I remember that for every evildoer who cunningly executes hateful acts on others, there are a million good people wanting to help and make a difference, who love and care for their neighbor, who silently go around helping others, even if in the slightest of ways on a daily basisnot just when tragedy hits. And when tragedy does hit, that goodness is exponentially amplified. Click here for just a fraction of the tenderness and generosity that I'm sure has happened in that city today.

I still believe in us. I believe in the goodness of humanity, and I will not let this tragedy mar that belief.

Sending love to anyone affected.


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