Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Job is Paper Craftastic

Several months ago, I started working at Paper Crafts magazine. By golly, I love this place. Yes, I just said "by golly." (By the way, we don't do scrapbooking (or origami???), as that seems to be everyone's first question. Our sister magazine, Creating Keepsakes, covers scrapbooking, but we focus on cards mostly, but also stamping, gift bags, home decor, etc.)

It's basically the job that I couldn't even imagine because it is so perfect for me. I get to work with several super fabulous people; we all get along so well and laugh a lot. Plus, I get to not only edit, but write! I manage a blog, so I get to interact with exuberant crafters. I get to make people's days by sending them crafting goodies too! And I love crafts myself, especially making cards, which is something we do together about once a month. I also get to work on our constant flow of magazines, and sometimes I update the website. One of the best perks is that I get free stuff quite often. And I've used that stuff to make things to show on the blog or cards to be featured in upcoming issues. (I have two cards awaiting publication! Yeah!)

My first week, we took a business trip to Anaheim (in JanuaryYESescape the cold!!!) to go to CHA, which is basically a huge craft convention. I was blown away by all the craftiness I saw, and it wasn't even the biggest show they'd had!

This is our editorial team (minus Cath) and Maile, a contributor to the magazine, at CHA.

Even though it was a bit overwhelming and I tend to be quiet and usually steer clear of large crowds, I had a good time and got to meet a lot of cool people and familiarize myself with many companies.

Can you find me in the masses? (You can click on it to enlarge.)

And here's one of Kerri and me in the House of Blues in Anaheim. I just love this one!

And let's not forget our photographer, Brian, who looks like the last guy on The Bachelor and also shoots like a boss. That good, Brian? ;-)

Now fast forward a few months. This is when we had our yearly editorial meeting where we plan for the next editorial year, and we just had to get dessert at Sweet Tooth Fairy! Oh, and look! Cath's in this one!

That's Melinda, Windy, Cath, Kelly, Ahtanya, Betsy, yours truly, Kim, Susan, Teri, Julie, and Kerri! Jennifer is taking this photo, but you can see her in the first picture of the post, second to the right. She loves the spotlight. ;-)

But this is my natural work habitat: my cubicle. I'm posing for a picture we took for a blog post. I needed something with my name on it, and I knew I could find something in my Christmas stash.

I really like my job, and I'm liking it more and more as I'm getting to know more people in the industry and getting used to a groove.

One fun fact for you though: believe it or not, even though I have been working here for almost 6 months now, I have not worked here from a full start to finish of a magazine. Yep! Crazy! That's how far in advance magazines are concepted before they are actually published and sold.

And since Christmas is such a big card-making and gift-giving holiday, it's big with our audience, so we are constantly thinking about Christmas in some form or fashion. If you're one of those people who thinks it should be Christmas all year round, just work for Paper Crafts.

Summary: job is great. I work with awesome people. Anaheim is a great alternative to Utah in January. I like crafts. Christmas never ends.



  1. I love that you have that job. You're so happy! :) One day I'll have a job I love.

  2. what a cool job! and ps - I (Elena, of am here because you won my giveaway and never contacted me :) It was the Shaping Up blog hop - I have 2 hero arts sets with your name on them. If you still want them, will you contact me? "" - thanks so much!